Welcome to the Online Chocolate Shop for Daniel's Delights Promotions

Owing to the fact that we can no longer go to Chocolate festivals/ events, we have gone online. Please feel free to browse thorugh our selection of chocolate bars, lollies and mallows.

The vast majority of our chocolate is single-origin Colombian chocolate - see the About Us page for more information on this - but we also use some Belgian chocolate for our no-added-sugar bars. The three main types of chocolate that we use are: Glaciar White Chocolate at 35% Cocoa, Noche Milk Chocolate at 40% Cocoa, and Macondo Dark Chocolate at 60% Cocoa.

Each product has an ingredients list and nutritional breakdown on the relevant product page, but please bear in mind that where it says '100% Macondo Dark Chocolate' or '80%...' this does not indicate the cocoa content of the chocolate, just that the ingredients list adds up to 100%. Rather, look further along the ingredients to the '??% Cocoa Solids Min' which will tell you the cocoa content of the chocolate.

We have a large number of products on sale due to the coronavirus pandemic, which are all at a reduced price on the 'Sale Items' tab. The majority of which are Mother's Day or Easter themed.

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