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 - the people for woolly equipment

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Types of craft product that we make.

A large range of simple wooden weaving and knitting equipment including the largest range of peglooms and knitting boards anywhere.

Traditional corn dollies of various types including wedding horse shoes and favours.

Terracotta novelties including our famous worms.


We are one of the founder members of Valley Arts and Crafts, a Montgomeryshire based group who operate at Lake Vyrnwy

We also trade as Daniel’s Delights Promotions, attending food festivals with our family’s chocolate.

Our business

We are a small family business founded in 1991, at Lake Vyrnwy in Mid-Wales, with the aim of producing and selling traditional crafts.

Our products are made from wool, wood, clay and wheat(corn dollies) all from the UK.

Manufacturers of Weaving & Knitting equipment, Corn Dollies and pottery.

Pure wool rugs and bags. Hand spun and knitted items. Ashford Spares.

We now live in Stoke-on-Trent where we also have an industrial unit. There is no public access to this unit so we now rely on selling our goods at events (see Diary button below), or on the Internet (see Sales button) or through our permanent outlets.